John Aravosis’ Christmas Time Snarl at the Poor

John Aravosis, in a burst of rage, demonstrates why I can’t standprogressives‘ (italics mine):

I don’t claim to be an expert on health care policy, and admit that my eyes gloss over when trying to understand the differences between Hillary’s, Obama’s, and Edwards’ health care plan. But I have a gut feeling that none of those plans are meant to help people like me, people in the middle, people who are neither rich nor poor. Just like the sub-prime bail-out, where our politicians are helping to artificially inflate real estate prices so first-time home buyers like me can pay tens of thousands, if not a hundred thousand, more for my first condo (that’s called a “tax”), everything politicians do is meant to help either the rich or the poor at my expense.

Aravosis then goes on to decry various policies that favor the rich…which has nothing to with the poor. I’m all for not screwing the middle to favor the rich–anyone who reads this blog knows this. But helping the poor is not the moral equivalent of helping the rich. Most philosophies, religious or not (except for Ayn Randism), call for helping the poor and needy*. Lashing out at the poor is precisely what conservatives want you to do, rather than having people help the poor.
Bah humbug.
*Granted, how to help is often not agreed upon.

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3 Responses to John Aravosis’ Christmas Time Snarl at the Poor

  1. This is why I don’t read AmericaBlog regularly anymore. He does some great investigative and activist work on occasion, but his tendency to fall back on Republican frames to distance himself from political allies, and willingness to throw political allies off the bus is not worth the aggravation for the service his blog provides most of the time. A number of liberal blogs also cover his field of specialization without the same tendencies.

  2. genesgalore says:

    Aravosis has the tendency to be so full of himself at times, that he can’t see the forest for the tree. JA stands for more than his name.

  3. Kevin says:

    the ads have gotten out of control over there.
    I still visit but I leave quickly and don’t bother reading what he writes.

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