Some Sunday Links

We’re having a nor’easter. That’s a great excuse for some links. Science first:

  1. I’m on the fence regarding ScienceDebate 2008.
  2. My thoughts about The Bell Curve and IQ.
  3. Speaking of IQ, Malcolm Gladwell and Amanda discuss the plasticity of IQ.
  4. ScienceBlogling Chris Mooney discusses the supposed scientific training crisis.
  5. Do we have a substantive case of human-to-human spread of H5N1 influenza among humans in Pakistan? ScienceBlogling Revere puts it all in context.
  6. ScienceBlogling Janet has some great pictures of moon jellies.
  7. Mark H discusses countershading.

Other stuff:

  1. ScienceBlogling Mike nails why religion should be kept out of the public square.
  2. “..there is no Democratic Party in Congress. There are, instead, a bare majority of Congressmen and Senators who have banded together in order to gather power, influence, and money…. they are not actually using any of the resources that they are gathering to benefit the groups and causes who worked to put them in power.” We could do worse than Senator Chris Dodd as the next majority leader.
  3. Speaking of Democratic cave-ins, maybe it’s a feature, not a bug?
  4. Bob Somerby chronicles just how awful The Washington Post’s reporting is, while Jameson Foser indicts the whole traditional media, and Eric Alterman tells us what’s really wrong with the mainstream media.
  5. Here’s why the Clinton campaign’s attempt to suppress the student vote is immoral.
  6. driftglass defends us citizen journalist rabble.
  7. Eric Rauchway attacks Tom Brokaw’s historical revisionism about racism and the 1960s.
  8. The conservative base is cracking up over a possible Huckabee nomination.
  9. On the other hand, maybe they can unite by hating Mexicans, instead of fixing serious problems.
  10. On the economic front, Stephen Roach and Joseph Stiglitz are probably right. Sigh.
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1 Response to Some Sunday Links

  1. Kos fan, eh? I usually try to keep my politics out of my blogging, but I get pretty tempted when I see the Republican candidates say they don’t believe in evolution.
    Speaking of Gould and IQ, I just picked up The Mismeasure of Man. I hope it lives up to its billing. I’m in the minority in that I find Gould’s writing to be rather unappealingly bombastic, though, so we’ll see.
    I see it’s pretty slow around here (the whole site) around winter break time…

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