Some Sunday Links

Here are some links for you. Science first:

  1. In the War on Science, Republican Bobby Jindal devalues my college education, President Bush vetoes NIH funding, the Smithsonian censors an exhibit, and the Discovery Institute lies about education.
  2. Two biotech CEOs aren’t happy with NIH funding either.
  3. One Random Scientist dispatches the latest creationist silliness about antibiotics and evolution.
  4. ScienceBlogling Tara has a good status report about vaccine-preventable and sexually-transmissible diseases.
  5. A more dangerous version of the common cold?
  6. Holy crawling crinoids!!
  7. I never knew monkfish could eat birds
  8. William Saletan doesn’t understand the genetics of IQ. By the way, how did he become an ‘expert’ on genetics anyway…
  9. Darksyde describes the Great Oxygenation.
  10. The quiet epidemic: smoking and mental illness.

Other stuff:

  1. I’m getting tired of idiots who can’t read bar graphs pontificating about the non-existent Social Security crisis.
  2. Nouriel Roubini says economy go boom! He’s been right so far…
  3. Lindsay Beyerstein asks whether Giuliani is a criminal or a liar.
  4. The traditional media and the punditocracy could at least try to pretend they’re not sexist jerks.
  5. Being an ‘Iraqitect‘ not only means you never have to say you’re sorry, but also that you can fail ‘up.’
  6. Global warming is an existential threat to conservatism.
  7. Paul Rosenberg, in discussing Ron Paul, deconstructs why I’m less enamored with Glenn Greenwald than some.
  8. Maybe Democrats should stop referring to “the American people” so often?
  9. From the dog bites man files: not all Democratic politicians are allies of the Democratic Party.
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