What the Hell Is NARAL Thinking (Again)?

NARAL just doesn’t get it: when NARAL supports Republicans or Democrats who, by undermining Democratic initiatives, weaken the Democratic Party, NARAL is strengthening those who oppose legal and safe abortion.

It’s as if the NARAL leadership is afflicted with a severe case of Compulsive Centrist Disorder. While the Democrats might not be stalwarts for safe and legal abortion, the Republicans have enshrined the Fetish of the Fetus. Supporting those who hurt the Democratic Party is supporting those who want to outlaw abortion, plain and simple. How can NARAL not get that?

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2 Responses to What the Hell Is NARAL Thinking (Again)?

  1. Jim RL says:

    I think you nailed it with the centrist thing. It’s the same as when NARAL and the Sierra Club endorsed Lincoln Chafee in 2006. If they would’ve won then Mitch McConell would be Senate Majority Leader. Do they not understand that the current Republican platform is completely at odds with their goals? They should focus on electing more and better Democrats, and hopefully forcing the Republicans as a party to adopt more reasonable positions.

  2. Mr. Gunn says:

    Business as usual for Democrats, isn’t it? Everyone wants to be a leader, so they end being their own worst enemy.
    At least the Republicans have enough sense to pick someone and rally behind them. I just wish they’d pick someone to rally behind that wasn’t so bloodthirsty.

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