Some Sunday Links

Now that I’ve recovered from my seminar and accompanying cold, here are some links for you. Science firstest:

  1. I discuss an interesting explanation of why some people don’t get natural selection and macroevolution.
  2. Deaths from Staphylococcus aureus now exceed those from AIDS.
  3. While we’re on the subject of S. aureus, here are two sites that tell you how to control MRSA in your school.
  4. Oh yeah: people with multi-drug resistant TB are still getting on airplanes and traveling hither and yon.
  5. Ruth Levine compares drug resistance to global warming.
  6. In this post, I noted that the resistance problem means infection control has gone to shit. This post tells us why.
  7. One last infectious disease post: ScienceBlogling Revere tells why increased research with dangerous pathogens requires increased monitoring and oversight (like that’s going to happen with this administration…).
  8. ScienceBlogling PZ describes how he teaches evolution.
  9. ScienceBlogling Chad points out one difficult challenge for solar power: we need to make lots of solar panels.
  10. John Hawks takes a sober look at the purported genetics of speech in neanderthals.
  11. Hornyhorned frogs!
  12. Chris Clarke has a hysterical send-up of evolutionary pyschologythe discipline that justifies middle-aged faculty sleeping with their graduate students.
  13. There’s a lot of statistics, but this post about the g-factor is worth it.

Other stuff:

  1. I have some thoughts about framing evolution and power.
  2. The must-read post: conservatives like High Noon, liberals like Shane
  3. Lindsay notes that even other Hessiansmercenaries don’t like Blackwater.
  4. Dog Nazis???
  5. Maybe this belongs in the ‘dog-bites-man’ file, but many conservatives are authoritarians.
  6. Has Rachel Sklar sold out to Howard Kurtz (ick)?
  7. Katha Pollitt raises the awful specter of the nearly-inevitable whitewashing of the Iraq fiasco.
  8. Here’s a list of the particulars of the Oral Roberts University scandal.
  9. Maha discusses the faux outrage and double standard of criticizing presidents.
  10. This is amazing: fear the Hammer, cable companies! (I’m still laughing).
  11. Wolfrum has some brilliant satire about security fences.
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