Some Sunday Links

It finally feels like Fall. Here are some links for you. First, evil, non-creationist science:

  1. First, it’s time to do something about science education in the U.S. Go support some science for students.
  2. ScienceBlogling Andrew sees sea slugs sitting by the sea shore.
  3. Speaking of sea critters, Mark H tells us about mole crabs.
  4. Greta Christina writes about the historical amnesia of AIDS denialists.
  5. While we’re on the subject of viruses, revere tells us about some neat flu virus biology.
  6. Yes, your garbage can can have a bad case of the crabs.
  7. ScienceBlogling GrrlScientist discusses the evolution of words.
  8. Global climate models are wrong: the polar ice cap is melting faster than predicted. Stupid scientists…
  9. The applications derived from swinging leptons round and round.
  10. I agree with ScienceBlogling Kara’s take on lapdancing and economic evidence for estrus.

Other stuff:

  1. An oldie but goldie: the rise of Christian fascism.
  2. Forget Britney Spears, Paul Krugman really is a national treasure.
  3. The bestest synopsis of a Republican debate EVAH: Two Hours, Nine Candidates, and Almost Nothing New.
  4. John Cusack discusses the Blackwater mercenaries with Naomi Klein.
  5. Naomi Wolf chronicles the silent fear in Bush’s America.
  6. Barbara Ehrenreich chronicles the Templeton Foundation’s latest softcore woo: Positive Psychology. It sounds like it will be as successful as the Templeton Foundation’s foray into intelligent design…
  7. Morbo joins the Coalition of the Moral and discusses the foolishness of Randian Objectivism.
  8. Kagro X notes the utter failure of the surveillance state.
  9. Please, no spitting on the bus or the troops.

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  1. sailor says:

    Great posts, Thanks!

  2. Conspiracy Theorist says:

    Did you know that Dawkins says the JEWS monopolize American Foreign Policy?,,2180660,00.html#article_continue

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