I Get Letters About Bush Dogs

These are much cuter than Congressman Marshall
(from here)

I received an email from Jane Hamsher and Matt Stoller about S-CHIP:

Dear Mike,
Despite overwhelming bipartisan support and a near veto-proof majority in the House, eight Democrats voted against the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).
That list includes Bush Dog Democrat Jim Marshall of Georgia’s Eighth Congressional District.
Today, we can pressure Marshall to switch his vote and move the party an absolutely critical step forward towards overriding the President’s veto.
We’ve created an ad to run next Tuesday, right before the override vote, in The Macon Telegraph — Congressman Marshall’s hometown paper.
You can view and help fund the ad on the ActBlue page we’ve set up to help cover the cost of $10,185.
When we asked you what steps we can take to move the Party and Bush Dog Democrats in the direction of progress, there was a tremendous amount of support for running newspaper ads.
So that’s what we’re gonna do.
We’ve already laid the groundwork by placing recorded phone calls into Marshall’s district — an effort the state’s largest paper, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, covered on Tuesday.
Congressman Marshall’s spokesperson said it was “impossible to predict an impact” of the calls.
So let’s help him make it a little easier to FEEL the impact.
With your help, we can get one step closer towards ensuring ALL our children have access to health care.
We placed similar calls into Bush Dog Democrat Baron Hill’s district (IN-9) and were all set to run an ad in his hometown paper when he publicly declared he would change his vote just yesterday.
We can make a similar difference in Marshall’s district today.
Please consider making a contribution to fund the ad, writing about the effort on your blogs/websites, and track the progress of the campaign throughout the day.
We were serious about taking new and creative steps to pressure Bush Dog Democrats. This is one of the first steps in that effort.

Throwing in five or ten bucks to make Congress help kids is a righteous thing to do. And once you’ve done that, go throw some more money at science students who need stuff.

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2 Responses to I Get Letters About Bush Dogs

  1. Joshua says:

    Already done. And you’d better believe I’ll be using “Bush Dog Democrat” again some time.

  2. Mr. Gunn says:

    Why bother? The DNCs new policy is to write off the South, where all the Bush Dogs live, because we’re all racists.

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