Some Sunday Links

Merry Columbus Day! Here are some links. The science-related stuff:

  1. Go buy schoolkids science stuff. It will make ya feel good…
  2. After you’re done with that, go wash your hands.
  3. Senator Clinton joins the Coalition of the Sane and details her science agenda.
  4. Giardia is one more reason why intelligent design creationism is really stupid.
  5. The environmental science of parking: some commentors came up with really interesting ideas.
  6. All hail our giant jellyfish overlords!!
  7. The Voltage Gate discusses the best kind of rhodopsin: bacteriorhodopsin.
  8. Here’s a cool new technology: nanobodies.
  9. Both the Congo rainforest and our tuna supply are going to hell.
  10. Finally, this is the kind of nature documentary I really enjoy.

Other stuff:

  1. ScienceBlogling Mike Dunford explains why we should pay war taxes to support the occupation of Iraq.
  2. Speaking of Iraq, here’s one veteran’s tale of opposition to the war.
  3. Here’s a fascinating report by someone who went undercover in the Klan.
  4. Joe Conanson rips apart Rush Limbaugh’s “phony soldier” slur.
  5. Why would we want to privatize Social Security and place it in the hands of banks that lose money?
  6. While we’re on the subject of economics, sick Old Europe seems pretty healthy in fact.
  7. Senator Clinton’s chief campaign advisor has ties to…Blackwater?
  8. Digby explains why Ayn Rand’s dreadful book Atlas Shrugged has had such a far reaching influence.
  9. Tony Judt takes the liberal hawks for wanting to launch another stupid war.
  10. Here’s a superb post describing the Founders’ commitment to the separation of church and state.

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