Homework (for You) While I’m Away

Today is the day I’m leaving for vacation, so I’ll be trapped in an airport lounge watching Very Serious People make Very Serious Pronouncements about the Surgetacular Surge. Anyway, I have some thoughts about the statistics of the surge here.
Thanks to the ScienceBlogs Blogerator 9000, I’ll still be able post while I’m away, but responses won’t be very rapid (or at all).
Oh, and before I forget:

Try not to invade any countries while I’m gone.


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3 Responses to Homework (for You) While I’m Away

  1. Joshua says:

    Well, I won’t be invading anybody. Can’t make promises for anybody else, though.

  2. utenzi says:

    Please don’t give Bush any ideas!

  3. thanks by admin

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