What’s Up With Lucky Number Slevin?

Last week, I saw the movie Lucky Number Slevin. I thought it was a great movie, and lent to friends, who agreed that it was really well done.

The odd thing about the movie is that I had never even heard of it, and others had also never heard of it or had vague recollections of it (and hadn’t seen it in theaters). So I ask you, the readers, why did this very good movie get virtually no exposure (and I’m assuming viewers in theaters)?
Also, go rent the movie. It’s quite good.

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7 Responses to What’s Up With Lucky Number Slevin?

  1. jeffk says:

    I enjoyed it as well. It even has big-name actors in it. Go figure.

  2. Aerik says:

    Huh. I can’t tell you. Maybe it’s because I sometimes keep a TV on for ‘company’ but I thought it had decent exposure. I liked it, though.

  3. joltvolta says:

    I saw it quite a few times at the local rental place, but it looked cheesy, and I passed it up continuously. Sometimes movies fall through the cracks, especially if there is no advertising budget for it. For example, movies like Premonition with Sandra Bullock had plenty of advertisement, and when it came out on DVD, people ate it up. Same situation with Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage, yet in my opinion they were sub par movies.

  4. Graculus says:

    Well, I saw it in the theatres, and I didn’t realize it was under the radar. I’ll agree, it’s a fun, well-made, slightly quirky action flick.
    but it looked cheesy
    There is nothing wrong with well done cheese, but “Lucky Number Slevin” isn’t particularly cheesy.

  5. Campbell says:

    I think it’s a victim of the worst marketing ever. Bad fonts on the poster, stupid pun title, confusing graphics. All steak and no sizzle, but sizzle is why the first few people go.
    It’s like an anti-“Smokin’ Aces”, which had great marketing and was not a very good movie but still did well enough to get a sequel.

  6. Bill Anderson says:

    I haven’t seen “Lucky Number Slevin” yet, but it brings to mind another recent movie that never seemed to get much of a showing or acclaim. I’m referring to “V For Vendetta.” With good marketing, it should have been the #1 movie in America.

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