Ellen Goodman and I Dwell in Different Blogospheres

Actually, she lives in the blogosphere, and I live in blogtopia (and yes, skippy invented that phrase). Goodman argues that the lefty blogosphere is ‘led’ by angry white men. Granted, I am a Mad white man, but, trust me, I’m not leading anything.

When I think of the regular blogs that I click through, here are some of the blogs*:
The Group News Blog (I think Sara Robinson is the strongest blogger there)
Shakesville/Shakespeare’s Sister
These are all sites that I visit daily, and….they’re run by women. I figure 40-50% of the sites I visited either have a strong female presence or are sites belonging exclusively to women. I think Atrios nails it:

As I’ve said before, I appreciate discussions about racial and gender diversity in the blogosphere. However, those who ignore the very real accomplishments of female bloggers in order to make their case have other agendas in mind.
If Goodman was actually interested in female bloggers she wouldn’t ignore the many popular ones which exist or marginalize the one she does point to as one merely about “women’s issues.”

Stop polluting blogtopia.
Dirty Fucking Dead Wood Pundits.
Related point: A constant theme regarding the relative dearth of women in the bloggysphere is the foul, misogynist crap they have to put up with. Most of that misogynist crap is left by conservative, sexist trolls. Thus, this is entirely Atrios‘ fault….
*Please don’t be offended if I left you off the list. I read the Goodman column early this morning (Boston.com is my default opening when I connect to my wireless). I have to go do science, which interferes with making a comprehensive list.

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3 Responses to Ellen Goodman and I Dwell in Different Blogospheres

  1. Daniel Harpre says:

    Goodman mentions Feminsting, but only as a “women’s issue” blog. It may therefore be that Goodman is using “political blog” in a very narrowly-defined sense… in which case her point about female representation in the poltical blogosphere becomes (marginally) more valid.

  2. SteveG says:

    I would put Barbara from Mahablog and Digby up against ANY mainstream pundit. Many of our brightest and most respected voices are strong, smart feminists who write without being pigeon-holed as concerned primarily with “women’s issues” (as if every issue didn’t affect women and as if gender issues didn’t affect men).

  3. Jack Zarnet says:

    nice blogs

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