Sunday Sermon: R.J. Eskow on Bridges and Conservativism

Much has been said about the bridge collapse, but R.J. Eskow says it best (italics mine):

It’s been said before, but let’s say it again: If terrorists had bombed this bridge, or destroyed the levees and flooded New Orleans, life in America would change forever. But since it’s only our own governmental neglect — and conservative greed — nobody seems to give a damn….
Conservatives want “government so small you can drown it in a bathtub.” Or the Mississippi River. Or the Ninth Ward.
Ronald Reagan’s quips about taxes and bureaucracy don’t seem so funny any more, do they?
The next time some conservative complains about “big government,” ask them whose life they’re willing to sacrifice to keep government small. Remember: The problem isn’t one President, or even one party (although the Republicans are clearly the biggest part of the problem.)
As long as there is a political philosophy that hates government — just for being government — these disasters will continue.


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4 Responses to Sunday Sermon: R.J. Eskow on Bridges and Conservativism

  1. Abbie says:

    This also applies to wacky libertarians… Why should MY tax dollars go to pay bridges I DON’T USE?????

  2. Tony P says:

    That “Drown it in the bathtub” quote is from Grover Nyquist. He’s a definite neocon ideologue.

  3. Kim says:

    Tony’s right in that Grover Norquist is a neocon ideologue so it’s not surprising that he thinks government should be “drowned in a bathtub”. Recall, though, that it was Ronald Reagan in his first inaugural address who said, “Government *is* the problem.” I’ve also had acquaintances on the conservative side of the political fence complain about paying into public schools when they don’t have kids themselves. There’s this idea of “the commons” that seems to be missing in today’s discourse.

  4. Jim says:

    Most libertarians have no objection to government monies used for infrastructure . . . what’s the matter, it doesn’t bother you when people take the most extreme left positions and attribute them to you?
    As a matter of fact, if we weren’t spending obscene amounts of money on social programs and the Drug War (and every other pet project of the major political parties), we might, just maybe, have enough money and focus to tackle our crumbling infrastructure.

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