More Samuelson Stupidity About Social Security

Once again, Robert Samuelson tries to argue that Social Security is DOOOMMMEEDDD! one Samuelson Unit from now. Samuelson falls back on his old standby–lumping Social Security and Medicare together. Mark Thoma explains:

The main problem is rising medical costs, and unlike the misplaced emphasis on Social Security in the last election, there is a lot of focus on health care reform in the political debate this time around. Samuelson seems to have completely missed the connection between health care reform and his pet column peeve, hence his claim that the problem is being ignored in the political debate when that isn’t the case. In addition, Samuelson’s continual focus on the budget deficit obscures the real problem. It doesn’t matter whether health care is in the public domain or the private domain, the costs will be daunting either way if they continue on their present trajectory, so finding ways to hold down health care costs is where the focus needs to be.
If Samuelson really wants to help, he can quit writing the same misleading and counterproductive column over and over again. Quit saying “cutting retirement benefits or raising taxes” are the “obvious choices” when it’s not obvious at all. Cutting retirement benefits or raising taxes will do nothing to reign in health care costs so these measures do not address the main problem. It’s time for Samuelson to write a new version of this column and address the core issues, or perhaps better yet, just stop writing about these issues altogether.

If we assume that Samuelson is not a stupid man, the only conclusion left is that he is too intellectually dishonest to state that he wants deficit reduction at the price of harming the most effective anti-poverty program ever created in the U.S. What a gutless coward.

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3 Responses to More Samuelson Stupidity About Social Security

  1. Deep Thought says:

    Even with top-notch preventative care health care costs increase as a population ages. That’s just life. With the worsening dependency ratios of the West in general the math shows that, yes – taxes will be increased, beenfis will be reduced and/or delayed, and that may not be enough.
    Sure, America (with its higher fertility and positive immigration) is in a much better position than Europe or Asia, but the hurting will still happen.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Some eco-wackos are opposed to chopping down yew trees use for medicne becuase their so brainwashed by PAUL EHRLICH and his bull poop book THE POPULATION BOMB the bomb ahs turned out to be a dud

  3. sevişme says:

    thank you admin ..

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