Republican Candidates Visit the NAACP

Actually, that’s not quite accurate. I’ll let this picture explain why:

Presidential Debate
(Ricardo Thomas/The Detroit News)
I should have written Republican candidate, since Rep. Tom Tancredo was the only Republican presidential candidate to show up. And Ken Mehlman wonders why the Republicans aren’t doing better among black voters…
Update: Amanda has more.

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2 Responses to Republican Candidates Visit the NAACP

  1. Maybe it just reveals how irrelevant the NAACP has become.
    I keep staring at the photo not sure whether to be saddened or amused. Did Tancredo just give a speech, or did they go through all the motions:
    Mr. Tancredo, your opening statement?
    Mr Tancredo, would you like to respond to Mr. Tancredo?
    Why do I hear Eric Idle in the background?

  2. Adam says:

    It only shows how irrelevant the NAACP has become (always been?) to the Republican party, actually.

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