An Odd Email

One of the fun things about blogging is that I get a lot of weird emails, like this one from the Israeli embassy:

Press Release
Israeli Ambassador Sallai Meridor Announces Switch of Official Diplomatic Vehicles to Hybrid-Electric
***For Immediate Release*** July 9, 2007
WASHINGTON – Israel has announced that starting this fall, it will significantly reduce the petroleum consumption of its senior diplomats in the United States by switching to hybrid-electric vehicles. The symbolic initiative, led by Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Sallai Meridor, will include Israel’s embassy in Washington, its nine consulates throughout the U.S. and its mission to the United Nations, making Israel’s foreign service among the first in the U.S. to significantly reduce oil demand throughout its entire official fleet.
“Reducing oil dependence and protecting the environment are key factors in improving international security,” Meridor said. “We are proud to be among the first countries to take this small but symbolic step. Our hope is that many small steps taken together will lead to major policy action around the world that will address one of the most critical strategic and environmental issues facing our common future.”
Israel plans in the years ahead to strengthen energy cooperation with the U.S. by developing alternative energy technologies and assisting American efforts to reduce petroleum dependence.
“Israel has always been at the forefront of conservation,” Meridor said. “We believe in the critical importance of embracing alternative sources of energy and advanced vehicle technology to help achieve energy independence and build a sustainable environment.”
To learn more about Israel’s efforts to reduce petroleum dependence, please visit the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s website by clicking here, or send an email to ….


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2 Responses to An Odd Email

  1. Andy says:

    As the only middle eastern country with no oil…Coming next: carpooling with the Syrian embassy.

  2. Shalini says:

    Hey, I got this one too!

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