Oh God, McCain Is the Sane One

Last night, the Republican presidential candidates were asked what they would do in a “24situation. Intelligent Designer help us, but McCain (and Paul) were the only sane ones.

McCain noted that the “24” scenario is ridiculous. He also pointed out that torture causes us to lose our moral credibility. Doesn’t McCain realize that morality is to be applied only to fetuses and prayer in schools? Giuliani and Romney went Full Metal Bauer, as digby notes:

I think it’s clear that this group has come to fully understand that winning the GOP nomination is all about the codpiece. These guys have just spent the last fifteen minutes of the debate trying to top each other on just how much torture they are willing to inflict. They sound like a bunch of psychotic 12 year olds, although considering the puerile nature of the “24” question it’s not entirely their fault.
This debate is a window into what really drives the GOP id. The biggest applause lines were for faux tough guy Giuliani demanding Ron Paul take back his assertion that the terrorists don’t hate us for our freedom, macho man Huckabee talking about Edwards in a beauty parlor and the manly hunk Romney saying that he wants to double the number of prisoners in Guantanamo “where they can’t get lawyers.” There’s very little energy for that girly talk about Jesus or “the culture of life” or any of that BS that the pansy Bush ran ran on. (Brownback’s position, forcing 14 year old girls who’ve been raped by their fathers to bear their own sibling, will have to suffice for the compassionate “life” crowd tonight.)
John McCain is the only adult on that stage and that scares the living hell out of me considering that he’s half nuts too.

We definitely need to outlaw Viagra. The level of fear that motivates the Republican base is remarkable. If I were as fearful as they, I would be permanently curled up in the fetal position under my desk. Maybe some sort of medication is in order?
Seriously, this very well could be the ‘flag-burning’ of 2008: “What, you too much of a pussy to torture a terrorist?” Of all the problems this country faces, this is such a non-issue.
Video: Crooks and Liars has the video.

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5 Responses to Oh God, McCain Is the Sane One

  1. To be fair to McCain, the guy has kind of been tortured himself for about 8 months in a POW camp, so he has a bit more insight to it than certain other Republicans.

  2. bigTom says:

    Of all the problems this country faces, this is such a non-issue.
    Unfortunately I don’t agree with that last statement. It clearly is as it sets the national expectation of behavior towards alleged bad guys. It was this very mentality that allowed AbuGraib to happen, these guys are only fanning our worst instincts. That can have bad consequences.

  3. utenzi says:

    I agree with you Mike. While it’s fun to watch Jack Bauer get information fast from suspects on television, it’s important to remember that it’s fiction. It seems Republicans have trouble making that distinction.

  4. bigTom,
    I don’t disagree with you. I guess I wasn’t clear; what I was trying to say is that of all of the issues, the Jack Bauer scenario itself isn’t that important. It is one hell of a Rorschach blot though…

  5. Michael E says:

    How did Ron Paul answer?

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