Some Sunday Links

A special edition of Sunday links. Last week, I asked non-science bloggers to post five links that had something to do with science. So, I’ll start by returning the linky love:

(The list is in no particular order. Wouldn’t want to play favorites…):

  1. Tai Haku has a list.
  2. The Ridger has a list.
  3. This View of Life has a list.
  4. The Argo has a list.
  5. Evil Mommy has a list.
  6. The Decrepit Old Fool has a list.

It’s never too late to start posting your list. Now, onto my list o’sciency stuff:

  1. Some public health from the Mad Biologist: a hepatitis C outbreak, and fluoroquinolone abuse.
  2. Keeping with the public health theme, most Oxycontin users didn’t abuse the drug, and need it to manage their pain.
  3. ScienceBlogling Chris Rowan comments on Tony Blair’s ignorance of science.
  4. Here’s a post about a possible solar energy breakthrough.
  5. Sponges aren’t boring…except when they’re boring sponges.
  6. The tragic death of a coral reef.

Da uver stuff:

  1. Here are some interesting data regarding U.S. attitudes about poverty.
  2. ScienceBlogling Orli Van Mourik describes the “futile crusade” against religion. Here’s another very interesting take on some of the proponents of atheism.
  3. Digby comments on elitist journalists.
  4. Atrios does some metaanalysis of the lefty blogosphere. Kevin Drum does too. RJ Eskow points out that bloggers “threaten the franchise.”
  5. Some evangelicals really don’t like Mormons.
  6. Move it along, folks…no income divide here.
  7. Matt Yglesias argues that we wouldn’t have to hurt journalists’ feelings by calling them fucking morons if they weren’t fucking morons.
  8. Over at Shakesville, Mustang Bobby has a very concise summary of what the Goodling Affair is all about.
  9. So much for womens’ rights in Iraq–and this happened in the ‘peaceful’ Kurdish region.
  10. Mary Cheney’s book was really crappy.
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  1. Susannah says:

    Here’s my list of links. More than 5, I’m afraid.
    Weekly five: the science links I promised.

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