Im checkin ur stuff!!

The hilarious picture below accompanied a very interesting NY Times article about chimpanzee intelligence:

(from here)
The taller ape is Jane Goodall. Funny picture.

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4 Responses to Im checkin ur stuff!!

  1. KeithB says:

    This reminds me of the Far Side when the grooming female finds a blonde hair on the male:
    “Have you been hanging around with that Jane Goodall tramp again?!”

  2. If I remember right that resulted in a minor dust-up between Goodall’s attorney and Gary Larson, with a nasty letter and some other exchange, until Goodall found out about it. She thought the cartoon was hilarious and wound up contributing to the preface in the next Far Side collection book.

  3. mark says:

    The Bush or Chimp Web site has a copy of this photo in the set of photo pairs in which the reader was supposed to determine which photo was of a chimp, and which was of The Chump (it is paired with a shot of Bush seeming to be looking down at a woman’s cleavage).

  4. KeithB says:

    Correct, the story is told in “The Pre-history of the Far Side.”

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