Some Sunday Links

Happy day before Patriots’ Day. Tomorrow, I’ll be watching the Boston Marathon (I don’t really have a choice; it goes right past my building). Anyway, here’s some science and other links for you:

  1. There’s a humongous fungus among us. And it could create real problems for food production.
  2. One from the archives about molecular tests of natural selection.
  3. Don’t know what squamatology is? Mark H has the answer.
  4. I happen to think Chris Mooney’s and Matt Nisbet’s op-ed in the Washington Post was on target.
  5. From the potentally goofy files: are cell phones destroying bee colonies?

The other stuff:

  1. Chris Clarke has a very important guide for men: “How not to be an asshole.”
  2. I call it Compulsive Centrist Disorder, but the Vagabond Scholar calls it False Equivalencies.
  3. And I thought I was pessimistic about the economy…and someone else thinks the dollar is in trouble too.
  4. Lindsay has an excellent post about the Kathy Sierra death threats. You will also want to read her very first Raw Story article.
  5. Mike Dunford explains why politicians should know the price of a gallon of milk.
  6. Why Imus thinks he’s not racist.
  7. Bill Maher defends elitism.
  8. Jamison Foser casts a newmedia pox on a whole bunch of houses.
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3 Responses to Some Sunday Links

  1. coturnix says:

    You always pick some great links – a very useful thing to do for all of us too busy to check every darn blog in the universe every day.

  2. Ahcuah says:

    I thought Patriot’s Day was April 19th (one reason Tim McVeigh picked it for the bombing, along with Waco).
    Or has Massachusetts gone the route of moving all holidays to Monday?

  3. Joshua says:

    I wasn’t even aware anybody other than MA even has a Patriot’s Day.
    We always have it on a Monday to sync up with the Marathon. 😉

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