The Unified Theory of the Surge

According to CNN, a bomb blast has killed at least two people in the Iraqi Parliament. This building is located in the Green Zone.

I hope Bush, McCain, and the other members of the Coalition of the Sane have the decency to wait until the bodies cool a few hours before they claim that this proves that the surge is ‘working.’ This might even challenge the Unified Theory of The Surge, which states that no matter what happens, any and every event proves that the surge is working.
If terrorists attack, it’s because the surge has frustrated them. If terrorists don’t attack, it’s because the surge has stymied them. Heckuva theory.

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2 Responses to The Unified Theory of the Surge

  1. Magnus W says:

    Another bomb or nothing new?
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  2. boredwell says:

    How can our putative military strategists condense a civil war into this erroneous mathematical equation: Surge = Surge? Tour of duty extentions for troops serving in Iraq most assuredly communicate something less than America’s success in “cleaning up” the corollary adjuncts of this war. The “enemy” understands this as weakness and continues to exploit our declaration of impotence in resolving this “war-within-war.” The anterior war has been reacted in the encore of violence effecting an interior conflict of religious and civil egregiousness that is not amenable to solutions. We can not erase ancient rivalries…collective memories of distrust and hate passed down generation to generation seem to be insoluable(Afgahanistan, Rwanda, former Yugoslavia, Chechnya, et al).Short of pulling out what are our chances of success? I believe our future to be unrelentingly grim.

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