How Much Is a CEO Worth?

The AFL-CIO has a very interesting website site that calculates how much CEOs are paid relative to the average U.S. worker. While useful, for many economic conservatives, it won’t matter at all, since, well, that’s why they’re conservatives. But I’ve devised my own comparison that will matter to even the most doctrinaire conservative:

The annual salary of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve ($186,000).

Since the average CEO of a Standard & Poor 500 company makes $14.78 million, that means that the average CEO makes 79 times more than the Fed Chairman.
I would argue that most conservatives would think the Fed Chairman is probably more important than most CEOs. Yet he makes so little by comparison. And the Fed has been very good for conservatives.
Pity the poor Fed Chairman….

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  1. llewelly says:

    Nice try Mike. You forgot the Fed Chairman is paid with Taxpayer Dollars.
    The expenditure of Taxpayer Dollars is about 100 times as important as the expenditure of ordinary dollars (well, at least it has been since Pelosi became Speaker …), so in fact the Fed Chairman is valued slightly above the average S&P 500 CEO.

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