Merry Pesach! (With Handy Passover Tip)

If you celebrate Passover, have a good seder. If not, I hope the Great Matzo Ball brings you lots of gifts anyway. And here’s a helpful video about matzah:

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3 Responses to Merry Pesach! (With Handy Passover Tip)

  1. Michael Schmidt says:

    OK, my religious education is deficient. Is splitting the matzah in half exactly a concern to all Jews everywhere, or just to the all-powerful Japanese Jewish community?

  2. Bob Calder says:

    Hmmmm the Great Matzoh Ball bears a strange resemblance . . . Are there any noodles attached?

  3. SteveG says:

    I was so excited. The Great Matzo Ball brought me the new piano I’ve always wanted…unfortunately, all the notes play a little flat…

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