Some Sunday Links

Here are some Sunday links for you (with extra linkyness since there won’t be one next week). First, I blind you with science:

  1. E. coli, chimps, and antibiotic resistance. Oh my!
  2. A crocodilian with a fish tail! Watch the creationists deny that this is an important fossil…
  3. Speaking of fossils, the Hairy Museum of Natural History has an interesting post about a Long Lizard with very Short Arms.
  4. ScienceBlogling Nick reports on the sanity the British government is showing towards drugs and alcohol.
  5. Darksyde has a good post about adult stem cells.
  6. Over at Effect Measure, is an ongoing series detailing how one should read a science paper with lots of math. If you’ve never read primary scientific literature (or even if you have), check it out.
  7. Don’t forget to see how your favorite journals stack up. Check out

The other stuff:

  1. I describe what I mean by willful ignorance. There’s a parody of the anti-gay movement that does too.
  2. Every year during March Madness, like clockwork, someone brings the hypocrisy of the NCAA. But Robert Lipsyte does it really well.
  3. Bill Maher hits it out the park in describing what treason really looks like.
  4. From ‘the Washington Post editor Fred Hiatt is a fucking moron’ files: The Liberal Avenger, Glenn Greenwald, and David Obey.
  5. Here’s a shitty deal: a municipal employee was fired in Massachusetts because she asked for healthcare. Isn’t healthcare one of the benefits of a government job?
  6. Speaking of fubar healthcare, the military has found another to screw over veterans: the 5-13 discharge.
  7. Did Karl Rove harm national security by sending 95% of his emails through a non-government email server?
  8. AIPAC is still insane. Here’s someone else’s take on the insanity.
  9. There’s an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post about religion…and it’s sane. Haredi violence to ensue shortly…
  10. Christian conservatives: when they’re not thinking about TEH GAY SEX, they’re thinking about boobies.
  11. Josh Marshall and digby remind us (and Michael Kinsley) what Attorneygate is all about.
  12. Kevin Drum explains how the U.S. journalists became “quivering masses of jelly.”
  13. The American Prospect has an interesting series of articles on work and the family.
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