Some Sunday Links

Happy Belated Evacuation Day! Here are some links for you. The sciency stuff:

  1. There’s been some interest in a guy named Michael Egnor who said some silly things about evolution. The Mad Biologist chimed in too. Afarensis used Egnor’s IDiocy to have a very nice discussion about tooth decay.
  2. Octopus eyes: learn all about ’em.
  3. RPM discusses a new phylogenetics term: the clan.
  4. Are drug prices too high? ScienceBlogling Abel Pharmboy wonders what we can do about that.
  5. Revere defends open-access publishing.
  6. Here’s a neat post about Soay sheep, one of the cooler ecological model systems out there.
  7. It would appear that guys named Mike favor the ban on enrofloxacin use in cattle (me too).
  8. PZ rips apart Scott Adams’ latest anti-evolution foolishness.
  9. The neutralist/selectionist war may flare up again, this time over genome size.
  10. GrrlScientist describes the discovery (or splitting actually) of a new species of cat.

The other stuff:

  1. Harold Meyerson has an interesting piece on the nitty-gritty politics of the anti-war movement.
  2. I’ve mentioned this, but there’s a trade war over sand.
  3. Food production is down globally. Hell if I know why.
  4. ScienceBlogling Shelley has a very interesting perspective on the constant arguments about religion that happen in these here ScienceBlogs.
  5. ScienceBlogling Josh disrespects the America Swastika Confederate flag.
  6. Here comes the new Republican propaganda point: ‘micromanaging the war.’ Of course, one does have to wonder about the wisdom of listening to people who confuse occupations with wars…
  7. The Carpetbagger Report details how the Republicans almost got away with the US Attorney scandal. The Time magazine blog actually does something useful, and notes that the “Clinton did it too” argument is bullshit.
  8. Democratic Congressman Major Owens argues that farm subsidies hurt the poor.
  9. AIPAC is run by fucking lunatics. But you probably knew that…
  10. Here’s a disturbing tale of how a right-wing PR firm tried to buy academic influence. Weird.
  11. Barbara O’Brien describes some of the dirty tricks being played by war supporters.
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