Some Sunday Links

Here are some links for you; science first:

  1. Whenever I hear creationists talk about ‘information theory’, it’s always pretty clear that they don’t know what they’re talking about. ScienceBlogling Mark smacks once such creationist around.
  2. Conservapedia mistates mutation (I know, dog bites man).
  3. Well, it’s related to squid: cool footage of an octopus munching some seafood.

The other stuff:

  1. While I disagree with the title of PZ’s post, he’s absolutely right in calling attention to the Cult of Anointing, something I have noted before too.
  2. Steven Perez wants his CNN back.
  3. Are we headed for a Second Great Depression?
  4. Some more commentary on the Great Blogroll Purge.
  5. A couple weeks ago, while flying back from D.C., I had the misfortune of sitting behind a prominent movement conservative who was trying to impress a young protege (it not only prevented me from sleeping, but it was icky to boot). The subject of Giuliani came up, and I think Matt Stoller’s take on Giuliani is dead on.
  6. Bonddad explains why market-based health insurance doesn’t work.
  7. Fellow ScienceBlogling Chad Orzel has a great post about how removing incompetent teachers shouldn’t be the focus of educational reform.
  8. Not all Republicans suck: here’s one who stood up for the rights of gays and lesbians.
  9. An interesting post by a teacher who says, “You can’t keep taking away recess.”
  10. Here’s an interview with Jurassic Pork, one of the more interesting bloggers out there.
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1 Response to Some Sunday Links

  1. joltvolta says:

    Nice list. It was fun.
    Octopus. How hard is it to have one as a pet. They seem to be popular topic around the Sb’s, and I’ve gained a fairly decent interest in them. Haven’t seen them being kept as a pet, so it never crossed my mind.
    — jolt

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