Some Monday Links

A Merry President’s Day to everyone. May our future presidents not suck as badly as the current one. Here are some science links for you:

  1. Here’s a bit about an article that discusses the underuse of the word evolution in the medical literature.
  2. Bacterial illness: it’s the boring bacteria, stupid.
  3. Here’s a great post about the evolution of vampire bats by ScienceBlogling Darren Naish.
  4. I once had the opportunity to swim in a school of dogsharks. Read all about them.
  5. Ampersand explains how the Ryan White Early Diagnosis Grant Program, aka the “Baby AIDS Bill”, does virtually nothing to prevent AIDS transmission. It does, however, stigmatize mothers.
  6. A 25 million year old frog trapped in amber has been discovered. I wonder what young earth creationists will make of it…
  7. Using the overwhelming evidence for the evolution of gene duplication, PZ smacks down a creationist who blathers on about “information content.”
  8. Ed Brayton squishes the whole Smithsonian Sternberg ‘controversy.’

The other stuff:

  1. The must-read post of the week: ScienceBlogling Mike Dunford describes the frustration of the military spouse.
  2. I don’t think an influx of ‘Christians’ will save the Democratic Party.
  3. ScienceBlogling Kevin explains how willful ignorance is the ultimate form of arrogance.
  4. ScienceBlogling commonground thinks it’s not so good when an enforcer of environment regulations is literally sleeping with the person she is supposed to regulate. What if they’re TEH HOT?
  5. skippy describes how and why one lefty blog refuses to become assimilated into the Kos Borg.
  6. Atrios asks where the red line of ‘faith’ is.
  7. A major Giuliani supporter–the $15 million variety–helps exacerbate the debt of impoverished countries.
  8. Glenn Greenwald skewers the “Victory Caucus.”
  9. A sports blogger has a very interesting perspective on the media role of blogs.
  10. Regarding the whole Edwards blogging thing, Bora has a good round up, and Amanda and Shakes describe what they experienced.
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2 Responses to Some Monday Links

  1. skippy says:

    thx for the link, mike! and i love the line about the “kos borg,” i’m going to use it, with proper attribution, of course!

  2. Mustafa Mond, FCD says:

    Pandering? Who me?

    Republican presidential candidate John McCain is defending his outreach to conservative Christians, arguing that his effort is not political pandering to win the GOP nomination.

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