Family Research Council Board Member and Blogger Attacks Catholicism…

…and William Donohue of the Catholic League says nothing. The Family Research Council is a rightwing faith-tank and advocacy group. And at least one board member and blogger thinks it is also very Protestant. Here’s what FRC board member Albert Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote:

Nevertheless, the office he holds is an unbiblical institution based in a monarchial ministry that is incompatible with the New Testament’s vision of the church. Furthermore, he claims also to be a head of state — a situation that adds untold layers of additional confusion. The problem of the papacy is much larger than this short summary can address…

But wait! Maybe he’s just a staunch believer in the separation of church and state (damn libruls!). Except for this lil’ statement on CNN:

And as an evangelical, I believe that the Roman church is a false church and it teaches a false gospel. And indeed, I believe that the pope himself holds a false and unbiblical office.

“A false church.” Granted, I’m not Catholic, but thems sounds like fightin’ words to me.
No doubt, Donohue will be on top of this. Oh, Mohler’s a conservative. I guess it’s not just what you say, but who says it…

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5 Responses to Family Research Council Board Member and Blogger Attacks Catholicism…

  1. J-Dog says:

    Excuse me Mr. Mohler… It’s some gentlemen from the Spanish Inqusition to see you… Something about a “false church” comment?

  2. DragonScholar says:

    Let us hope that this gets broadcasted across the blogosphere. I’d love to see the pressure kept up on Donohue.

  3. Well, the list of Catholic war criminals is quite long.
    Whats a Jew boy doing defending them.
    The only worse group is athe atheists.
    Hey, did you know ATHEIST spells EATSHIT!

  4. skunqesh says:

    OH BWAHHhahhah.. ha.. huuhh..
    Seriously, don’t quit your day job.
    Oh wait – you don’t have one! And that allowance from your mom, doesn’t count. But if you’re really feelin’ entrepreneurial, you can get a shiney nickle for every loose can or bottle you find. Or – You could try looking for loose change under the Vendo-Mat? But that might actually require, ya know, work…
    Did you know Banned in Kansas spells De Banana Skins?

  5. Jennifer says:

    Donohue didn’t say anything because Mr. Mohler is a man. If a woman said the exact same thing, I bet Donohue and his minions would be all over her (figuratively speaking).

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