Some Sunday Links

Here are some weekend links for you. First, the science:

  1. The WHO gets some things right: measles.
  2. Mark’s post on the World’s Evilist Programming Language makes me laugh.
  3. Revere discusses a case of Tamiflu-resistant H5N1 influenza.
  4. The view of global warming from Mount Thor.
  5. Kent Hovind is going to jail for tax fraud. Apparently, while everything we have ultimately belongs to God, in a proximal sense, the U.S. government wants its cut.
  6. Mark H. writes about oyster drills. He focuses on Urosalphinx, but I’m a Nucella fan myself.
  7. Don’t forget the most recent edition of Tangled Bank.
  8. In case you missed it, here’s a post about the public health and policy aspects of Shigella infections.
  9. Speaking of the intersection between microbiology and policy, here’s a post about the norovirus outbreaks hitting the U.S.

Here’s the other stuff:

  1. Elegant Technology has an excellent post on the difference between industrial capitalism and finance capitalism.
  2. Chad takes apart Charles Murray’s Wall Street Journal series on education.
  3. The Sideshow asks “Why did anyone support the invasion of Iraq?”
  4. Here’s an interesting post about how to argue on behalf of a political candidate.
  5. One Nebraskan’s take on Sen. Chuck Hagel.
  6. A public service announcement: this post describes public-domain image links.
  7. Lindsay gives a good update on the efforts to enact mandatory HPV vaccination in Virginia.
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