When a White House Republican Is the Moderate…

…you know the wheels have come completely off. Said Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson:

You talk about the hostile enemy, obviously being Iraq, but hostile enemies right here on the home front. Yesterday Senator Ted Kennedy, proposing that any kind of a troop surge should mean there should be congressional approval of that. A lot of democrats not coming to his side on this. But obviously this is not going to be an easy sell on Capitol Hill, even if it’s not an easy sell to the American Public.

That meat popsicle called Kennedy, an elected Senator, an enemy of the U.S. Not an idiot, or a fool–which is her right–but an enemy. Dan Bartlett, White House counsellor, contradicted her, calling Kennedy a “critic” (which is a correct statement). Has any liberal-leaning news broadcaster called Bush, or any other elected Republican official, an “enemy.” This kind of eliminationist rhetoric has no place in civilized society. None at all. That, not TEH GAY MARRIAGE, threatens the Republic.
But we all know the real problem is that occassionally liberal bloggers get angry….

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