Global Warming? The Trees Say Yes.

A recent report by the National Arbor Day Foundation vividly describes the dramatic increase in average annual winter temperature throughout the U.S. They compared average annual winter temperatures in 1990 over a fifteen year period with those in 2006.

Here’s what they found:
That’s right: it is getting warmer everywhere in the U.S. The annual average low in Boston increased between 115-29 degrees Fahrenheit (unfortunately, the map is only in gradations of ten degrees). But I guess global warming is just a ‘theory’…

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7 Responses to Global Warming? The Trees Say Yes.

  1. edward says:

    Yeah, I really don’t see how anyone can look at the scientific evidence and think global warming is not a huge problem. I would posit that 99% of legitimate scientists think human caused global warming is a major issue and we need to do something about it. Why doesn’t the general public get it? What can we, as scientists do to better educate the public about the issues?

  2. Toaster Sunshine says:

    1) Beat them with fish until they get it.
    2) Send them to time out and tell them that science won’t help them at all until they’ve come to their senses and apologized for their wanton consumer behavior.

  3. kindlingman says:

    Why is global warming a problem? I am in favor of it. Imagine the possiblities!
    1. New ocean front properties (world wide) and the creation of new national borders will dissolve the old conflicts and create new ones. We need this change.
    2. People in oil rich desert areas will be forced to migrate away and this will change the dynamics in the Middle East ethnic conflicts. We need this change.
    3. New climates will mean new crops farther north thus creating a real estate boom in northern Wisconsin where I live. I am so looking forward to that.
    4. All Left Behind people can interpret this as a sign of the end times and fight Satan in countries engaged in Buddhism, Confucianism, and all other-isms. Note: All Abrahamic religions can agree this is good.
    5. The waters of the Rio Grande will create armed conflict between all Southwestern states. Phoenix, AZ will become a dust town again. This is a mixed bag.
    6. We lose Florida. New Yorkers will have to retire in North Carolina. This is bad for NC.
    New memes: “Go Global!” “The Anti-Ice Age” “The Northwest Canadian Passage”
    May we live in interesting times!

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