The Bit About the Vance Travesty Nobody Has Mentioned

You might have heard about the U.S. contractor who volunteered to be an FBI informant. For his service, he received 90+ days of Gitmoization. As hideous as that is, there are some other disturbing points in the NY Times story.

First, was he imprisoned because he had hard evidence about this:

Mr. Vance went to Iraq in 2004, first to work for a Washington-based company. He later joined a small Baghdad-based security company where, he said, “things started looking weird to me.” He said that the company, which was protecting American reconstruction organizations, had hired guards from a sheik in Basra and that many of them turned out to be members of militias whom the clients did not want around.
Mr. Vance said the company had a growing cache of weapons it was selling to suspicious customers, including a steady flow of officials from the Iraqi Interior Ministry. The ministry had ties to violent militias and death squads.

But what is really disturbing is the next sentence:

He said he had also witnessed another employee giving American soldiers liquor in exchange for bullets and weapon repairs.

Doesn’t that compromise base security? And they say the army isn’t at its breaking point.

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  1. DMC says:

    Anecdotal evidence is not evidence.

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