Some Sunday Links

Here are some links for you. First, the science stuff:

    Revere at Effect Measure discusses the “letter report” reviewing the scant information on effects from non-drug measures to slow or contain spread of an influenza pandemic.
  1. Revere describes another front in the Republican War on Science: the censorship front.
  2. Here’s a good primer on plankton.
  3. There has been a norovirus outbreak in Boston.
  4. Here’s a good public health idea: VRSA hospital insurance.
  5. Maybe antibiotics should be placed in a separate regulatory class?

The other stuff:

  1. Maha details censorship of former government employees who disagree with El Jefe Maximo.
  2. The Schuetts of Nebraska are fucking morons.
  3. A car accident shows how important economic regulation is.
  4. One woman’s reality of abortion: “How would making abortion criminal have helped my family?”
  5. driftglass uses the Olive Garden outbreak as an allegory.
  6. thereisnospoon argues that Iraq is an occupation, not a war.
  7. Gerald Bracey: “There is a cottage industry in this country that generates reports devoted to keeping Americans anxious about the future and laying the responsibility for that future on the schools which are never working as they should be.” It’s an interesting read.
  8. A good piece on race and the South by digby.
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