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A Question About the Soviet Russian Assassinations

There are now indications that more Russian exile critics of Putin who live in the UK might have been poisoned with polonium-210.
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“Our Suburb Is Breached. We Will Fight to the Death.”

Sounds like a civil war to me. And as civil wars go, it’s pretty awful. A year ago, I was comparing it to Northern Ireland.
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Social Security and Compulsive Centrist Disorder

Someone needs to tell Bush that when I wrote a post titled “Democrats Crush GOP; Bush Declares ‘Mandate‘”, I was joking. Now that El Jefe Maximo has psychologically disinvested from the Iraqi Occupation, he has decided that the message the American electorate sent in the 2006 elections was “You’ve done such a great job with foreign policy, FEMA, and the budget deficit, we would really like you to screw up Social Security.”
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Homosexuality = Insect Venom Allergies?

It’s nice to see that even in the midst of two overseas conflicts, the U.S. military can find time to obsess about homosexuality.
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Tariq Aziz? This Is a Joke, Right?

There are reports that the U.S. has cut a deal with Tariq Aziz, Saddam Hussein’s foreign minister, so he can negotiate with the Sunni insurgents.
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News Reporting and a Technically Complex Society

As a part of the Carnival of the Liberals, I wrote a post about our failing political discourse. Here’s something related from the archives.
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Salmonella and Illegal Antibiotic Use in Agriculture

One topic that I don’t discuss enough is the role that the agricultural use of antibiotics plays in the evolution (and ecology) of antibiotic resistance. A recent review in Clinical Microbiology and Infection describes how the illegal use of nitrofuran antibiotics in Portugese agriculture led to an increase in highly virulent Salmonella.
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