Uh-Oh. The GOP Has Been Rebranded

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That’s gotta hurt
Over at My Left Wing, thereisnospoon discusses a shocking development–a majority of voters view Democrats as the fiscally responsible party:

There is a shocking poll that should be a wake-up call to conservatives and Republicans nationwide. If I were a Republican strategist today, my heart would be in my throat.
From The Corner at the conservative National Review Online:

A survey of 1200 likely voters taken in 12 swing districts this past Sunday and Monday might explain why Republicans might have a long night ahead of them. The veteran GOP pollster says he has “never seen anything like it.” Asked who is more likely to cut taxes for the middle class – 42 percent said Democrats, 29 picked Republicans. Who is more likely to reduce the deficit? 47 – Democrats, 22 – Repubicans. And, who is more likely to control spending? Democrats – 38, Republicans – 21. In the past, even if Repubicans didn’t win some race or another, they were more trusted on taxes and spending issues.

What this means is that the GOP in its current form has NO reason to exist, outside of authoritarianism, corporate welfare and religious fascism. The so-called Reagan Revolution is officially DEAD.
Not that the “Reagan Revolution” actually did what it said it would, but that’s another story; we’re talking about the Republican brand here, not the actual facts.
But these numbers bear repeating.
On BALANCED BUDGETS, swing voters picked DEMOCRATS–by over 2 to 1.
On TAX CUTS FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS, swing voters picked DEMOCRATS–by almost 2 to 1.
On CUTTING SPENDING, swing voters picked DEMOCRATS–by almost 2 to 1.
Tax cuts. Cutting spending. Balanced Budgets. DEMOCRATS.
I really can’t overstate the stunning importance of this development. I mean, WE have known this for a long time. But the fact that it has finally made it into the consciousness of the average American voter is proof that the GOP’s woes are far more devastating than they can even imagine at this point.

It almost makes me feel sorry for these guys. Then I remember this image:
Not so sorry anymore. Never forget what these incompetent fools did to our country.

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  1. Mustafa Mond, FCD says:

    McCain calls for common sense in GOP

    WASHINGTON – On the heels of devastating GOP losses, Sen. John McCain said “no defeat is permanent” as he called for the Republican Party to return to its common-sense conservatism � and implicitly cast himself as the one who can lead the party’s rebirth.

    He could start by retracting his “teach both sides” stance towards Intelligent Design Creationism. He was towards the front of the line with those prepared to drop their drawers and bend over for the theocratic vote.

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