Some Help for the Mainstream Media

Whiskey Fire explains the 2006 election very cogently:

A lot has been said already about the ’06 elections, and a lot more will be said. Most of this will be crap. So let me just be clear:
The Republicans lost the ’06 elections because they are crazy people with shitty policies that have all failed.
Crucial to any analysis of yesterday’s results must be the fact that they started a war based on bullshit, and then they quite literally made a bloody mess of it.
Also, they’re completely corrupt and incompetent, self-righteously religious, willing to gay bait and race bait, and generally all they do is tell lies and act like total weasels and whine about the phony bugbear of the “liberal media.”
Please alert Cokie Roberts.

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4 Responses to Some Help for the Mainstream Media

  1. Steve Williams says:

    Ha. You’re full of shit. The gay baiting (Foster, Haggard, Mehlman), race baiting (Steele, Harry Belafonte Calls Black Republicans tyrants, Gov. Blackwell) and hyporcisy (e.g., Michael Moore and Al Gore not practicing what they teach) comes from the democrap side.
    Special interests? How about Teachers Union, Abortion death mills and welfare frauds? Why should money that I have earned be taken by force to support any of the above? the true facists are democraps who want to suppress all groups and conversation they disagree with.

  2. natural cynic says:

    Nice troll little Stevie. How much of your money is going to abortion centers and how muich is going to the rathole called the Iraq war. As to special interests and fascism, I suggest that you look up the definition of fascism. Hint: it has a lot to do about the connections of corporate interests, government power and the denial of rights.

  3. The Teachers Union says:

    Tremble in fear, Steve Williams. For now we in the all-powerful Teachers Union know your name, and soon we will find you, and we shall feast upon your blood and use your soul to fuel our doomsday device!
    We are no longer satisfied with your puny “hard-earned tax dollars.” No longer can you buy off the day of your reckoning with “withholding” and “alternative minimum taxes.” We hunger for more — much more!
    Since the dawn of time, teachers have longed to destroy the world. Now, with Democratic victory in both houses of Congress, the hour of our ascendence is at hand. Your days are numbered, Steve Williams. Already, your very own children, indoctrinated in our so-called “schools,” snicker at you behind your back; they laugh at your feeble, incoherent whining and inflated sense of entitlement. Your children, Steven, shall be our loyal foot-soldiers in our master plan for global destruction!
    Is it not so written in your very own “Bible”? “Therefore beware the teachers, lest ye be taught. For by that which ye are taught, ye also shall be taught. And he who teaches, teaches death.” Nea. 19:28, KJV
    Where’s your Messiah, now, Steven? Where’s your Messiah now?
    Consider this your first, and last, warning.
    We are the Teachers Union, the single most potent force for evil in human history.

  4. markie says:

    nice post TU. but why not take it a step further? You have 24 hours faithhead to get your omnicient one to text us all, or we shall take your first born and send the to homocamp.

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