Bushonomics and the Irony of Iraq

Recent estimates suggest that the dollar cost of the Iraq War and Occupation will be over two trillion dollars. The horrible irony is that, had Bush not fought this war–or very quickly declared democracy and ‘cut and run’–the amount of money Bush would have added to the federal debt would have been substantially smaller (the debt would have increased, however). In other words, his stupid war/occupation undercut his stupid ecconomic policies. Maybe that’s why conservatives are jumping ship…

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1 Response to Bushonomics and the Irony of Iraq

  1. bigTom says:

    My reading of the project for a new american century
    is that we plan to borrow this money, but don’t intend to pay it back. The plan seems to be to have such a dominant military position, that the debtor nations will be afraid to ask for payback!

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