Some Sunday Links

Here’s some good links from the weekend. First, the sciency stuff:

  1. Radiolytically produced hydrogen gas powers subsurface microbial ecosystems.
  2. Coturnix links to three good posts about antibiotics
  3. In light of the discussion by my fellow ScienceBloglings about the state of scientific journalism, it’s interesting to see what Cent Uygur thinks is wrong with political reporting (hint: it’s not the reporters, it’s the editors).
  4. When it comes to vaccination breakthroughs, read the fine print.
  5. From our own Benevolent Seed Overlords, an article about another fish/amphibian transitional fossil.
  6. Ambulacrae!
  7. A tale of two headlines over at the Corpus Callosum.
  8. Don’t forget about Darwin Online. Now you can really piss off creationists!

The other good stuff:

  1. Billmon has even more stuff that pisses me off about tax-exemptions for religious organizations.
  2. An interesting post about intermittent voters.
  3. Shakes discusses the difference between sameness and equality.
  4. We have lost international support not because foreigners hate our values but because they believe we are repudiating them and behaving contrary to them.
  5. An oldy, but goldy: Idiot America.
  6. Steve Gilliard on the Eternal Kookiness of Being George Bush.
  7. Jamison Foer on the media’s fundamental inconsistency about the political effects of terrorism.
  8. Matt Yglesias discusses how the Democrats should stop whining and start politicking.
  9. Abu Aardvark lays out how the Arab media, but not the U.S. media, have realized that Republican campagin ads are virtually identical to Al-Queda recruitment videos. They even use the same footage.
  10. I agree with Amanda’s take on the movie Red State.
  11. Arthur Silber on the immorality of torture.
  12. I encouraged Orac to do a very bad thing.
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    The first two links are identical.

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