Political Outings: I Told You This Would Happen

A while ago, I posted about “The List“, which was a list of gay Republicans being shopped around to various news media, of all political persuasions. I noted that this was going to get really ugly. Well, someone just outed Republican Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho. And if the allegations are true, then he lived a very pathetic, closeted life.
I knew this was going to happen. It’s going to get really, really ugly. I don’t think it’s done yet, either.
And there are potential political ramifications too.

If the allegations prove true, Craig will probably still keep his Senate seat. But this could discourage the Republican base, and hurt lower profile races in Idaho. Today, the Republicans just dumped $500,000 to defend a Republican House seat in Idaho (that move alone should dispel any ideas that the Republicans aren’t panicking). At the risk of entering tinfoil helmet terrority, did the Republicans shift a half million dollars into Idaho to defend a marginally competitive seat because they thought this scandal might blow up?
It looks like Bigotry has arrived and wants to settle up. If Craig were a Democrat, and if we didn’t make anti-gay bigotry an acceptable part of ‘values voting’, this crap wouldn’t even be an issue. Nor should it be one.

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