The Crazy Twenty-Sixes

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GrrlScientist is wearing yellow…
GrrlScientist was trying to understand how 26% of Americans could think Dennis Hastert should suffer no consequences for covering Foleygate. I had some thoughts on the matter. Tonight, after looking through my neighborhood newspaper, The Beacon Hill Times, I propose an alternative hypothesis: they’re batshit crazy.

I’ve reprinted a letter to the Times, with all of the original language and grammar (such as it is). It’s about a councilman’s proposal to cover up the giant Citgo sign in Boston because Venezualan president Hugo Chavez insulted President Bush. The Times thought it was a stupid overreaction (would you like freedom fries with that?). This letter writer disagreed:

Wow, It is a sad day when you stop being an American and put your liberal Democratic beliefs ahead of your country, you are disgusting.
I applaud City Councilor Jerry McDermott’s symbolic idea with respect to placing an American flag over the Citgo sign. We all can read between the lines that removing it would not be a realistic event.
It bothers me to call you a disgusting liberal democrat, which I am indeed making a broad assumption based on your comments with respect to Councilor McDermott. You said that he made a “nutty suggestion,” this man dserves respect he is an elected official and he represents many people. Taking your point of view, then his supporters are all nuts. That is one that I call you disgusting, because you are not showing respect to the councilor.
You take this time in your editorial to become the Cindy Sheehan of Boston. The point is that, it is not whether you like President Bush or not, agree with his policies or not, have sour grapes because he was elected and your man lost. The point here is that you are an American First. I do not know what political party Councilor McDermott is associated with and I do not care.
I can see that the Councilor respects the office of the President. I appauld him for that.
Again in your article you bash the President all you can. You seem to have missed the point here. It does not matter who the president is, he must be respected as the leader of the free world. Al Gore, Senator Kennedy, Senator Kerry, like you disrespect President Bush and not to put you on their level, I do not. You liberal democrats hate Mr. Bush so much you are Americans first. When Chavez talks about the President he IS TALKING ABOUT ALL AMERICANS.
We are free to disagree with each other as Americans, but I wonder what would happen if the world saw us as a united front?
I am willing to say that we would have far more progresss in what we as a country undertake.
Imagine if our elected officials did not call our armed forces terrorists. I wonder if you would be sitting next to Jane Fonda at that anti-aircraft gun?
Yes a good time to disagree and favor one’s position is at the polling booth. But in an international forum, show that you are an American as the city councilor did and respect the office of the President.
The elections are coming up and you must be salivating. Vote for [Dem. Deval] Patrick and we can help him let convicted rapists free, have illegal aliens get drivers licenses and free college tuition and return to the days of Dukakis.
Now you can go put on your Dixie Chicks CDs as an American you have the right to do so. But remember if you were in Afghanistan you would have to put on your burka and watch women get slaughtered at the soccer field.
Gerry Aiello, River Street

I’m stayin’ away from River Street. Them’s folks is fuckin’ crazy!
Tinfoil helmets aside, this loon espouses a lot of what the rightwing dittoheads shriek–seriously, are we still arguing about Hanoi Jane? We’ve had several wars since that one.

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7 Responses to The Crazy Twenty-Sixes

  1. Robster says:

    The President is not the first citizen of the American Republic (play on one of Julius Ceasar’s titles). The President can and should be criticized. These so called concerned citizens need to be reminded of the concept and purpose of the First Ammendment. I’d bet they didn’t have the same stance when Clinton was president, either.

  2. Yes, “respect the office of the President” caused my jaw to drop also.
    The last time I can recall that phrase being used (and I know that I’m dating myself here) is with respect to Nixon, circa Watergate.
    At that time, some writer (Nicholas von Hoffman?) pointed out, like Robster above, that the President is our employee and we have not only the right but the duty to criticise.

  3. Stogoe says:

    Also, to fire his ass when he skipped work for a month and got 3,000+ people killed. That should have been our response to 9/11, in retrospect. Instead we extended his contract. Bah.

  4. Clarissa says:

    Stogoe, keep you ignorance at Red State Rabble where it belongs.
    Clinton had plenty of chance to get Bin Laden but he was getting blow jobs instead.
    You cowardly little hypocritical weasel face.

  5. QrazyQat says:

    They talk about Jane Fonda and Clinton’s consesual affair because that’s all they’ve got. 35 plus years and that’s all they’ve got.
    The Bush administration and the GOP give us more than that each and every week.

  6. skunqesh says:

    Your hyperventilating. Calm down, don’t be mean, now play nice or you’ll be put in the corner till you decide you can get along.
    and please, please, don’t forget to take your meds.

  7. MartinDH says:

    Clinton had plenty of chance to get Bin Laden but he was getting blow jobs instead.

    He tried twice (Somalia and Afghanistan) and both times he was castigated by the neo-con wings of the senate, the house of representatives, the media and the populace for “wagging the dog”.
    Then his presidency was crippled by Ken “I have no evidence” Starr, Newt “I’ll cheat on my wife while she’s dying of cancer” Gingrich, Tom “Where’s the money?” Delay, and the rest of the frothing right.
    When he relinquished control to Daddy’s Darling’s new world order, all the information his administration had collected on Bin Laden and Al Qaeda was given to Condi Rice’s department. It was promptly ignored.

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