What Would a Mad Biologist Look Like?

Our Benevolent Seed Overlords want a picture of the Mad Biologist for their own nefarious purposes. So I ask you: what do you think a Mad Biologist would look like? Below are some candidates, but if you have something else in mind, feel free to link to it.
It’s a little odd. One of the things I’ve always liked about these lil’ internets is that the words stand apart from the image. I’m under no illusions that if someone wanted to ‘expose my identity’, they could do so very easily (and I just wouldn’t care). I stay anonymous because I like the whole Mad Biology thingee and because I do try to keep my professional life separate from my extracurricular activities, including blogging (which is playtime). Well that, and the Bushist death squads.
Anyway, like I said candidate pics are below.

Handsome devil, in a rugged sorta way. Definitely is going to speak his piece.
Then there’s this (I’m not the one holding the baby):
And how can I forget The Evil Baby:
(yes, she(?) is wearing pink. Stop being a slave to patriarchy and embrace the 21st century!)
I’m not the bunny in this one:
And who doesn’t like Marvin?
Vote away! (or add your own suggestions–with links)

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16 Responses to What Would a Mad Biologist Look Like?

  1. ERIC JUVE says:

    I like the original, it even reminds me of a tech wrier I used to work with who went on to be a bioligist for the forest service, who now works ( I think ) at Mt St Helens.
    Keep up the good work, even if you change identities.

  2. SkookumPlanet says:

    If you’re really resistant and insistent, by hook or crook get a current photo, home address and phone number, etc. of the person who’s asking for the photo, from some other source. Then as normally as possible, nice cover note, etc. submit it to this person as your photo and your information. Never break character in the ensuing back and forth.

  3. Malkovich says:

    Malkovich malkovich malkovich malkovich malkovich, malkovich malkovich malkovich. Malkovich.

  4. Robster says:

    May I suggest the first image at the wikipedia site for mad scientist.

  5. DRR says:

    As much as I love the Evil Baby pic, I think the original is the best for you here. However, the last suggestion by Robster there is pretty good as well.

  6. John Wilkins says:

    There is only One True Mad Biologist. Her name is Helen Narbon

  7. roman eos says:

    The Rockwell looks good, but how about you configure your own biometric, sign it – for copywrite purposes – and wizz it off!

  8. JD says:

    Intelligent, cold, calculating…will eat your liver with a nice chianti… http://www.usatoday.com/life/gallery/oscar2001/history/silence-of-the-lambs.jpg

  9. Zarquon says:

    There is only One True Mad Biologist. Her name is Agatha Clay.

  10. JD,
    I am in awe of your suggestion…

  11. I think the Mad Biologist would look a lot like the Mad Bluebird:
    … only maybe a little more like a biologist.

  12. justawriter says:

    Howard Beale with a butterfly net and Erlenmeyer flask.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I think the of Malkovich is most appropriate. However, I don’t see you as a violent person. So maybe you could replace the gun with something else, perhaps a can of Cheese Whiz.

  14. Robster says:

    Cheese whiz?
    Here you go.

  15. rgdgr says:

    ur mum is gay noobs fuk u

  16. Too funny, great selection for the mad scientists. I think John Malkovich best fits the profile.

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