Early Admissions to End at Harvard

Harvard University has announced that it will end its early admissions policy. Finally, the middle class and lower-middle class catch a break.

As the Boston Globe put it:

The practice, many educators and admissions specialists say, favors wealthy students, who are more likely to know the option is available and hence gain an edge, generally being admitted at a higher rate than later applicants. The same students often have other advantages, such as more access to test preparation and private college counselors.
Low-income students face a deterrent to applying early, because if they are accepted by a school that requires an immediate commitment, they lose the chance to compare financial aid offers from other schools.

Hopefully, other schools will end this practice if Harvard does.

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  1. seb says:

    I was really glad to see them do this. I’m not sure how many other universities will follow suit, but who knows?

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