Some Weekend Links

Here’s some interesting links I’ve stumbled across this weekend:

  1. A very interesting interview about working mothers.
  2. Media Matters asks some very good questions about the War on Terror
  3. I always knew that being on a kick-ass ultimate frisbee team was good for my undergraduate university.
  4. A must-read piece by an advertising executive on how the Republicans win elections.
  5. David Sirota describes how a Democratic Congress could still be a parliament of whores, if we’re not careful.
  6. The moral and psychological implications of not backing up your hard disk.
  7. This article about Pat Tillman will break your heart…and then make you really mad at Little Lord Pontchartrain for all the needless loss of life.
  8. The 9/11 speech you won’t hear Bush make.
  9. driftglass decries the idea that “Republicanism is merely a political “lifestyle choice” which we need to continue to indulge as different-but-equally-valid.”
  10. In case you missed it, here’s a kickass political ad.
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  1. coturnix says:

    “Electorally Transmitted Disease”! Gotta love Driftglass!

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