I See Stupid People: The Salt Lake Tribune Edition

Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post writes:

George Pyle , an editorial writer for the Salt Lake Tribune, complains in the Tribune‘s editorial blog that I did not include his paper’s Sunday editorial in my Wednesday column about editorials from all over the country expressing outrage about Bush’s signing statements.
The Tribune wrote: “Congress and the courts must rein in this presidential power grab. To do otherwise would be to court tyranny.”
And yes, in 2004, the Tribune endorsed Bush.

Of course, if the Salt Lake Tribune had actually done some critical reporting (along with any other number of papers that supported Bush), they would have discovered that Bush had already gutted hundreds of “challenges to provisions of law.” Well done, morons. Did I ever mention I don’t like Johnny-Come-Latelys?

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  1. Mark Centz says:

    Better late than never, doc.

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