Cringe: The Presidential Groping Edition

President Bush groped the German Chancellor. What an idiot.

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4 Responses to Cringe: The Presidential Groping Edition

  1. Katherine Sharpe says:

    The thing that bugs me most is that I really don’t think he’d have just walked up and put his hands on Vladimir Putin, Jacques Chirac, or Helmut Kohl for that matter. Little surprise that George Bush is one of those guys who acts as though every woman is wearing a big sign that says “HEY! IT’S OK TO INVADE MY PERSONAL SPACE!”

  2. Carter says:

    Grope her? It’s obvious the mentally ill Bush snapped and was trying to choke her to death from behind. Luckily for Merkel her childhood training in the FDJ included hand-to-hand combat skills, so she was able to bust that double armed choke defense move and get out of it.

  3. skunqesh says:

    Perhaps the Chimperor and Pootin’ are on some kind of groping scavenger hunt? We philistines just can’t understand the magnificence of this international gamesmanship. Clearly it’s escalation time.
    Kissing bald heads and ‘kittens’ was just warming up.
    Wait for the Aussie ‘Outback Reach-Around’ or the HongKong ‘Gooey’ to hit the back pages.

  4. Alan Gregory says:

    This was another case of Bush the prez reverting to Bush the frat boy. Merkel’s lucky that Bush 2 didn’t start a food fight, tossing those tasteless dinner rolls he was munching on when cussing the other day.

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