“The Massacre of the Buffalo Soldiers”

That’s the title of a post by Greg Palast that recounts a massive Republican operation to disenfrachise ten of thousands of voters in Black-majority districts through illegal voter challenges. Many of the targets include servicemen and servicewomen serving overseas.
Let’s make something clear: this is not a voting ‘irregularity.’ An irregularity is when the voting machine breaks. This was a deliberate (and if race was used as a criterion, illegal) attempt to prevent legal voters from voting. So how did the scheme work? The Repubican Party, at a cost of several million dollars, sent letters to targeted legal voters that had on the envelope “Do not forward.” (Servicemen stationed in other location, either in the U.S. or abroad, are allowed to retain their domestic address). When the letter was returned to the Republican Party, the ‘non-recipient’ was placed on a list of voters to be challenged, even though these voters had every right to vote at that residence. The letters all just happen to have been sent to majority African-American districts.
Given that the Republicans can not win without their bigoted base, I’m not surprised that Republican operatives would do this: their integrity and morality died long ago. But where the hell is the celebrity mainstream media? Why do we have to learn this from the BBC? It’s as if we have a ‘media-in-exile.’
Or to put it more succintly: why does the mainstream media hate Americans, and, by extension, America? You have to hate a lot to have that much disdain and disregard of the rights and freedoms of your fellow citizens.

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  1. MobiusKlein says:

    And the Repubs wonder why 80% or more African-American vote for the Dems?

  2. hermelinda says:

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