Isn’t Amnesty a Good Policy?

I’ll readily admit that I’m as partisan as anyone. But am I the only progressive liberal blogger who has a problem with the other ‘progressive’ bloggers who are going batshit crazy over the Iraqi government’s offer of amnesty for insurgents who have not killed Iraqis (i.e., they have only killed Americans)? After all, we’re the ones who have pointed repeatedly out that the American presence is the problem. Doesn’t that imply that the insurgency is, in part, a resistance movement against an occupying power?
I’m willing to punch as hard as the next guy when it comes to politics, but I draw the line when it comes to advocating policies that will get people killed (see the HPV virus). That’s the kind of crap Little Lord Pontchartrain’s minions pull, not ‘progressives.’ I haven’t heard a single explanation of why the amnesty is actually a bad idea in terms of stopping of the murder so we can bring our troops and my friends home.
I’m tired of the Johnny-come-lately ‘progressive’ Democrats who are concerned only about winning, and seem to lack principles (and ‘Bush sucks’ isn’t a principle). You don’t ever fight your own war with someone else’s family. Ever.
We’re supposed to be better than that.

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