The First Microbiological Crisis

I thought the first serious infectious disease crisis would be methicillin resistant staph infections or Acinetobacter. These bacteria are very ‘hardy’ and, if given an opportunity (weakened immune systems, catheters, IV lines, wounds), can cause serious infections. Given the extent of the crisis, infection control would be weakened which would allow these bacteria to establish themselves in wards and shelters, at which point, the facility would have to be closed and decontaminated.

CNN reports that a shelter in Mississippi was closed Saturday:

While the doctors wait, the first signs of disease began to emerge Saturday: A Mississippi shelter was closed after 20 residents got sick with dysentery, probably from drinking contaminated water.

All you need to prevent dysentery is clean, potable water. You don’t have to worry about infection control schemes, just use potable water. Now, if there were only a Magical Ship that can decontaminate 100,000 gallons of water per day waiting for orders. There is such a ship, the USS Bataan, and as of Sunday, it still hadn’t received any orders.

A Commander-in-Chief is supposed to fix things like this, not worry about spin control.

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