Not a Looter, a ‘Righteous Gentile’

Watch this video from Fox news (really, Fox). We are locking people up without food or water. That’s not a refuge or a shelter: it’s a concentration camp. Let me repeat that in case it didn’t sink in: it’s a concentration camp.

Yesterday, an 18-year old kid showed up in Houston with dozens of people on a school bus that he stole, and filled with people trying to escape New Orleans. He could have just fled, but instead tried to save as many others as he could. He was detained and probably will face criminal charges. In another time and place, he wouldn’t be called a criminal, he would be called Righteous Among the Nations. Kayne West was right. It’s that simple, and that shameful.

So, if the news of oral sex in the White House can lead to impeachment because it’s awful for children to have to hear about, how awful does New Orleans have to get before it rises to the same level as a blow job? Not that impeachment would matter since Bush isn’t actually running anything anyway.

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