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Why I’m Afraid of Robots

Sure, there are economic and civil liberties implications. But they’re not nearly as scary as this: Remember, you are the cinderblock….

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I Want a Fish Robot

The Harvard Museum of Natural History has one: Stick some laser beams on it and we’re ready to go! Unfortunately, this is the only version I could possibly afford: Not nearly as snazzy-looking.

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I Would Love It If a Robot Could Steal Part of My Job

Because they already do. Farhad Manjoo is concerned about being by replaced by a robot: Artificial intelligence machines are getting so good, so quickly, that they’re poised to replace humans across a wide range of industries. In the next decade, … Continue reading

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Ten Years from Now, Will Biology Be Automated? Thoughts on ‘Post’-Informatics Biology

Will automation be the next leap forward for biology?
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The Notorious M.I.K.E: Rise of the Cyborg

If I were a cyborg, I would be….
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The Post-Twitter Communication System

Welcome to the Whisper Jar.
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