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From the Ashes, the War Hawks Rise Again: It’s Always About Them

As the drumbeat to do something about the militant group ISIS gets louder, it’s worth remembering the run up to the context in which ISIS arose–the aftermath of our failed conquest of Iraq. A key factor, then and now, was … Continue reading

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The Establishment Has Learned Nothing From Iraq: The Syrian Chemical Weapons Edition

Does this sound familiar? Boldly rushing forward to the past, our intelligence agencies are (boldface mine): The NSA would of course monitor Assad’s office around the clock if it could, the former official said. Other communications – from various army … Continue reading

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Boxed in By Red Lines

Though I’m supposed to be on vacation, I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about Obama’s “red line” regarding chemical warfare. I’ve suspected that he was actually trying to send a signal that he didn’t want to get … Continue reading

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Something to Keep in Mind As We Discuss Syria: The Enemy of My Enemy Is Still My Enemy

(from here) Anyone who doesn’t think there will be blowback to firing a bunch of cruise missiles only has to consider recent events (behind paywall/unlocked briefly; boldface mine): You might remember that on the same day another twig was added … Continue reading

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Hostages and Syria

In all of the drum beating for ‘doing something’ in Syria, there has been no discussion about how both sides have taken U.S. citizens hostage, with the rebels torturing at least one U.S. hostage. Either the parties involved are too … Continue reading

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